Spring 2013 WGST Classes

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  • Office Hours are held in the Hazel Gates Woodruff Cottage, unless otherwise listed.
Course Number Course Title Day & Time Instructor Room Office Hours
WMST 2000-001 Intro to Feminist Studies
A&S Core: Human Diversity
MWF 11-11:50 D. DeBella HLMS 199 MW 12-1pm COTT 210
WMST 2020-001 Femininities, Masculinities, Alternatives A&S Core: Human Diversity MWF 2-2:50 S. Bullington HUMN 250 MW 2:50-3:50 COTT 210
WMST 2050-001 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture A&S Core: Human Diversity MWF 12-12:50 S. Adams HUMN 135 MW 1-2:15pm COTT 210
WMST 2600-001 Gender, Race, and Class in a Global Context A&S Core: Contemporary Societies Tu/Th 2-3:15 E. David HLMS 141 TuTh 1-2pm COTT 206
WMST 3100-002 Feminist Theories Tu/Th 12:30-1:45 K. Oliviero MUEN E064 Th 10am-12 COTT 201
WMST 3710-001 Topics in Global Gender and Sexuality:
Gender, Sexuality, and Migration
Tu/Th 3:30-4:45 K. Oliviero MCOL E155 Th 10am-12 COTT 201
WMST 3800-001
WMST 3800-002
Advanced Writing in Feminist Studies A&S Core: Written Communication MWF 10-10:50
MWF 11-11:50
C. Drake HLMS 196
HLMS 104
F 12:30-2:30pm COTT 210
WMST 3930 Women and Gender Studies Internship
WMST 3940 Practicum: Gender Justice League M 4:30-5:30 C. Montoya COTT 110 Tu 12-2pm COTT 203
WMST 4300-001 Sex, Power, Politics
Tu/Th 9:30-10:45 R. Buffington HUMN 1B90 TuTh 11am-12pm COTT 102
WMST 4800-001 Senior Colloquium
M 2-4:30 C. Montoya COTT 110 Tu 12-2pm COTT 203
WMST 4840 Independent Study
WMST 4950 Honors Research
WMST 4999 Senior Honors Thesis
WMST 6090-001 Feminist Theories W 12:30-3:00 D. Misri COTT 110 W 3:30-5:30pm COTT 208
WMST 6290-001 Special Topics in Gender and Sexuality:
Global Feminisms
Tu 2-4:30 C. Montoya COTT 111 Tu 12-2pm COTT 203

Featured Cross-listed classes

Course Number Course Title Day & Time Room Instructor Office Hours
SOCY 4000 Gender, Genocide, and Trauma (WMST 4010) Tu/Th 11-12:15 Jacobs Th 12:30-2pm COTT 200
PSCI 7108 Political Theory: Gender and Politics M 1-3:30 Ferguson
WMST 1006 The Social Construction of Sexuality        
WMST 1016 Sex, Gender, and Society
WMST 1260 Introduction to Women’s Literature
WMST 2100 Women in Ancient Greece
WMST 2290 Philosophy and Women
WMST 3110 Feminist Practical Ethics
WMST 3267 Women Writers
WMST 3314 Violence Against Women and Girls
WMST 4287 Studies in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender
WMST 4301 Gender, Race and Immigration in Germany and Europe

For more WGST courses please check with other departments as many of our courses are cross-listed.